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Divine Dirt (Soft Back)

Divine Dirt (Soft Back)

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Ever need reminders about how great life is and about how powerful you are as a Divine Being?

"Divine Dirt shows you how to leverage the laws of the nature and influence what's happening around you.  I have read this book twice and plan on gifting it for the holidays. It is an exceptional read in everyway!"
-Anne Bruce author of Discover True North: A Program to Ignite Your Passion and Activate Your Potential.

Allow Divine Dirt:

To Inspire you
“I had a situation that made me doubt myself, but after reading this I’m doing better.”    -Liz

To help you heal
“My son took his life 4 months ago, and I wanted you to know the profound relief I am getting from the passages and images within this wonderous book!”  -Nancy

To help you manifest your best life
“A wonderful collection of inspirational thoughts, beautiful flowers and practical gardening tips. Michael guides us to look inside and find the spirit within to help manifest abundance in our lives.” -Diane

Divine Dirt: Inspirations, Spiritual Teachings & Gardening Tips! is an amazing collection of inspirational, spiritual, personal and metaphysical writings paired with stunning photography that the author took of flowers from his very own garden!

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